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“As a long standing member of IMTAB, ANSYS fully supports IMTAB’s collaborative efforts to streamline layout parasitic extraction and electromigration analysis for the industry,” says Norman Chang, Product Strategist for the Apache subsidiary of ANSYS. “We look forward to continued participation in IMTAB and continuing to advanced interoperability through standards [JP1|file://bookshelf/IEEE-home/jcelusak/My%20Documents/IMTAB/Final%20IMTAB_ITF_EM_Extension_NR_Apr2014%20ANSYS%20JP%20(3).docx#_msocom_1] such standards such as this one.”

 “IMTAB members are continuing to shepherd the development of ITF to address the emerging challenges in advanced node design and analysis with valuable extensions such as electromigration support,” said Bari Biswas, IMTAB chair and extraction senior director of engineering at Synopsys. “During the past three years, the IMTAB has helped guide the ratification of more than 15 new additions to ITF that are helping steer the industry towards a common, proven format with significant benefits for the EDA and semiconductor industries.”