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IMTAB Press Releases

22 April 2015 - Synopsys’ Modeling of 10 nanometer Parasitic Variation Effects Ratified by Open-Source Standards Board

30 April 2014 - Interconnect Modeling Technology Advisory Board Announces Electromigration Rules Now Part of the Open-Source ITF Standard

28 March 2012 - Synopsys’ Collaboration with Industry Consortium Yields Double Patterning Technology Models for Parasitic Extraction

1 February 2011 - Synopsys Collaborates with Industry Consortium on Solutions to Model Latest 28-nm Parasitic Effects

7 June 2010 - Synopsys and IEEE-ISTO Launch an Industry Wide Technical Advisory Board to Evolve Interconnect Modeling Standard

Industry News and Press Releases

7 June 2010 - IEEE-ISTO Announces Forum to Evolve Interconnect Modeling Standard


8 June 2011 - Interconnect Modeling Standards Presentation from DAC 2011

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